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Favourite Quotes. Case Quotes.

Yeah, we're having a law-ry one this week. I'll start this one …

Young boys, despite their mischievous tendencies, cannot be classed as wild animals …
— Lovingly written by Starke J in Smith v Leurs.

^Almost sounds like a scienter action - That is, are young boys ferae naturae or mansuetae naturae? :P

Okay, not precisely a quote but I when I was doing torts I came across this:

and had the presence of mind to screenshot it. :P

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Here is another one:
Ferdinands v His Honour Lander J & Ors [2009] HCATrans 194 (12 August 2009):
[Following the ex temp decision of Hayne J…]
MR FERDINANDS: Could I just ask you a question, your Honour?
HAYNE J: Yes, Mr Ferdinands, you may ask.
MR FERDINANDS: Yes, thank you, your Honour. Just a quick point so that everybody in this country understands. You are saying that the privacy of an individual is wholly and solely irrelevant and that the transfer of private information between government departments of individuals is allowable in law and that that person does not need to have any consent or any knowledge of such actions undertaken by the government, whether it be State, federal or Territory.
HIS HONOUR: My reasons for judgment, Mr Ferdinands, speak for themselves. I do not propose to add to them. Call the third matter for hearing.
MR FERDINANDS: Just a simple yes or no, your Honour.
HIS HONOUR: Sit down, Mr Ferdinands

Okay, more 'not a quotes' but Harry Potter relation things (I have an obsession, don't judge me!) (I also must admit, my friend found this one. :P)


One from Graeme Orr
*just after he turned off the lights in the lecture theatre*
'While I plunge you into darkness, let me enlighten you. I am Graeme Orr.'
- and for the alert one amongst us, that fits quite nicely with the comment 'if there is no duty to light… there is no negligence in abstaining from lighting' (Sheppard v Glossop Corporation)