Week 9, Semester 2, 2010


LAWS1114 Preparation

Read Balkin & Davis pp 517-537

Read Radio 2UE Sydney Pty Ltd v Chesterton (2009) 238 CLR 460.

  • Summary. BAM!

Read Favell v Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd (2005) 221 ALR 186.

  • Summary should be here.

Prepare for the Tutorial. LOL JKS! There isn't a tute this week.

LAWS1115 Preparation

Read Clark's 'Electing the Legislatures' (Chapter 7. But ignore paragraphs from 7.66 and onwards.)

Read the Constitution (Pts II-IV, s 128).

Read Attorney-General v Commonwealth; ex rel McKinlay (1975) 135 CLR 1 (Judgments by Stephens and Murphy JJ. Contrast them)

Read Roach v Electoral Commissioner (2007) 239 ALR 1 (Judgments by Stephens and Murphy JJ. Contrast them)

  • Links to these cases can be found through Graeme's Lecture Guides!

Also! Prepare for the tutorial …

LAWS1116 Preparation

Australian Constitutional Law: Cases and Commentaries - Chapter 16 (and 13 and 14 if you didn't read them last week)
Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theories - Chapter 11

Also! Prepare for the Tutorial.


LAWS1114 Week 9: Defamation 1
LAWS1115 Week 9: Parliamentary structure and representative elections.


PPL. Seriously.

There's also the AGM if you haven't noticed all the emails and flyers up lately …