Week 8, Semester 2, 2010


LAWS1114 Preparation

I see no readings on the course profile. Nor are there any asterisked cases. Don't we just heart Hinchy? Until we think about that recurring nightmare …

Prepare for the Tutorial.

LAWS1115 Preparation

Read the Constitution (Pt V. Especially s 51 and s 109).

Read Clark's 'Legislative Powers' (Chapter 5)

Also! Prepare for the tutorial …

LAWS1116 Preparation

Australian Constitutional Law: Cases and Commentaries - Chapters 13 and 14 (and 12 if you didn't read it last week)
Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theories - pages 257-272

Also! Prepare for the Tutorial.


LAWS1114 Week 8: Product Liability
LAWS1115 Week 8: Legislative power in a federation


Events? WHAT EVENTS? YOU HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT TO WRITE! (Two if you've also twitch started your PPL one…)

Although, you can celebrate handing your Torts B essay in at the Annual Professional Breakfast.

  • Friday 17 September 2010
  • A chance to talk with real legal professionals while chowing down!