Week 7, Semester 2, 2010


LAWS1114 Preparation

Read Balkin & Davis pp. 439-445.

  • The summary is here.

Read Woolcock Street Investments v CDG Pty Ltd (2004) 216 CLR 515.

  • NB: You may locate cases in the 'Commonwealth Law Reports' (CLR) through Westlaw or LegalOnline (Access to FirstPoint summaries).
    • A quick refresher: You go to the library catalogue and search Commonwealth Law Reports and click on the link to the database.
  • … you guessed it! It's ANOTHER DUCK REFERENCE! If by that we mean a summary.

Read Brett Codd, Russell Hinchy and Vernon Nase, 'An alternative view of Woolcock Street Investments v CDG Pty Ltd (2004) 12 Torts Law Journal 194.

  • Go to the UQ Library website and look up "Torts Law Journal" under Catalogue - Title. It should lead you to the online version. I'll locate it myself soon and post it up too :)
  • Le summary!

Prepare for the Tutorial.

LAWS1115 Preparation

Read Clark, Chapter 10.

Read three pages from Suri's book.

  • The Law Librarians are apparently going to scan them. Soon. Hopefully. Well, hopefully for those crazy workers out there.

Also! Prepare for the tutorial …

Oh. My. Gosh. The. PPL. Report. Is. Due. The. Week. After. The. Torts. Assignment.

Has anyone actually DONE ANYTHING YET? … No.

LAWS1116 Preparation

Australian Constitutional Law: Cases and Commentaries - Chapters 9 and 12
Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theories - pages 250-257
The Blackshield case-note Suri put up on Blackboard.

Also! Prepare for the Tutorial.


LAWS1114 Week 7: Economic Loss 3 - Defective Structures
LAWS1115 Week 7: Judicial Review of Legislation


The Grand Final for the 2010 Dibbs Barker 1st Year Negotiation Competition will be held on Monday, September 6, at 7pm in the Moot Court.