Week 6, Semester 2, 2010


LAWS1114 Preparation

Read Balkin & Davis pp. 419-431.

  • The summary is here.

Read San Sebastian Pty Ltd v The Minister (1986) 162 CLR 340.

  • Well this is just getting ridiculous. Three cases are haunting me this week!
  • NB: You may locate cases in the 'Commonwealth Law Reports' (CLR) through Westlaw or LegalOnline (Access to FirstPoint summaries).
    • A quick refresher: You go to the library catalogue and search Commonwealth Law Reports and click on the link to the database.
  • … you guessed it! It's a boy! Okay, it's a summary.

Read Esanda Finance Corporation Ltd v Peat Marwick Hungerfords (1997) 188 CLR 241 (read: 246-52).

Read Tepko Pty Ltd v Water Board (2001) 206 CLR 1.

Prepare for the Tutorial.

LAWS1115 Preparation

NB: If downloading the 60MB readings off blackboard isn't your thing … the homework we assigned to Jeremy was to load the compressed Learning Guide version on Google.

Read James Allan, 'Human Rights - Can we Afford to Leave them to Judges' (2005) 16 Commonwealth Judicial Journal 4.

  • This article can be found on p. 59 of the Learning Guide.

Read Jeremy Waldron, 'A Right-Based Critique of Constitutional Rights' (1993) 13 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 18.

  • This article can be found on p. 70 of the Learning Guide.

Read the two articles on the Victorian Charter of Rights.

  • A reputable source says that it's on Blackboard. This is assuming that people ACTUALLY go to their lectures prepared … :v :v :v

The Course Profile also recommends the following. I will not judge you if you go for it (seriously):

  • Clark's Chapter 12, 4 and pp. 97-112 in Chapter 9.

Also! Prepare for the tutorial …

LAWS1116 Preparation

Read the following:
Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theories (203-213, 250-257); and
Australian Constitutional Law: Commentaries and Cases (Chapters 7 and 9).

Also! Prepare for the Tutorial.


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LAWS1115 Week 6: Rights Debate ctd. Judicial Independence, Separation of Judicial Power
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