Week 1, Semester 2, 2010


LAWS1114 Preparation

Print out new latest CLA here.
Read Caltex Refineries (Qld) Pty Ltd v Stavar [2009] NSWCA 258 and answer questions

LAWS1115 Preparation

Read Chapter 1 of Clarke's Principles of Australian Public Law.

LAWS1116 Preparation

Read Introduction and Chapter 1 of The Constitution of a Federal Commonwealth.
Read Chapter 1 of Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theory
Read James Madison, Federalist No 39 (available here)


LAWS1114 Week 1: Negligence: An Introduction to Problem Areas
LAWS1115 Week 1: Introduction to the Course
LAWS1116 Week 1: I dislike how I can't write the title of this lecture since I don't do this course. Sigh.