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Walking the fine line between satire and defamation.

As a side note, I just thought I'd explain how this site is being formatted now that the bulk of its users have moved onto second year. Near the bottom of this page are links to courses' main summary pages. I've grouped them together according to which year the contributor made their notes. As such, most of the courses will be grouped according to an LLB degree since Heath always beats me to the courses.

I get the feeling no one cares, but I felt the compulsive need to explain anyway … Okay, I'm off again.

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Notes from 2010.

LAWS5121: Family Law

3rd Year

Notes from 2010.

LAWS3112: Law of Property B
LAWS3114: Law of Trusts B
LAWS3115: Law of Remedies

2nd Year

Notes from 2011.

LAWS2111: Law of Contract A

1st Year

Notes from 2010.

LAWS1111: Legal Method
LAWS1112: Law and Society
LAWS1113: Law of Torts A
LAWS1114: Law of Torts B
LAWS1115: Principles of Public Law
LAWS1116: Constitutional Law



Negotiation Seminar Notes
Construct a legal Argument
Pathway to the Profession (mostly about the bar)!
The Art of Networking: A UQLS Professional Development Week Event

The Examination Timetable for Semester 2, 2010 is available for your perusal.

Detailed breakdowns of grades for the following assignments are available:

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Study Music Suggestions!
Archived Duck Trivia!
A fan page for the UQ ducks.
What we want when we finally move on from this wiki.
Law. Jokes. MUST I SAY MORE? :V :V :V

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Queensland Civil Liability Act 2003 - Revision 2D July3
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Amy's uploaded all of her old exam study notes for 2nd and 3rd year subjects on 4shared here: Amy's notes.