Pathway to the Profession

To the Barrrrr

  • Consider applying to become an Associate to a Justice at the District Court (which deals with criminal cases more than other jurisdictions)
    • This is a stepping stone to the bar
      • After all, you'd see advocates in action daily!
    • Research into which Justice you’d like to work for and tailor-making your covering letter to each Justice
    • They often take into account whether you aspire to be at the bar (whether you have an interest in advocacy) as they like to bestow their knowledge upon these people.
  • Another idea! Clerkship with the DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS!!! How. Amazing. Would. That. Be? (At least, for anyone else who is interested in becoming a prosecuting barrister in criminal law…)
  • Regardless of what you decide you want to be, a research clerk position is always a great way to go.
  • To become a barrister, you need the Practical Legal Training (which everyone needs), be admitted, and go through the bar practice course
    • I suggest you get some experience as a solicitor under your belt before going for the bar though.
    • Note: The whole "Barristers are their own boss" thing means no reliable pay cheque for new Barristers, particularly those who have very few or no contacts with firms, leading to an abject lack of briefs/work

For All Ye Top-Tier Firm-ers

  • Many top-tier firms only hire from those who did summer clerkships at their firm. Just sayin’.

CV-Related Information

  • Do some volunteer work (social justice and such)
    • Pro-Bono work!
    • However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be legal-related
    • And also, it's really rewarding :)
  • Consider the legal aid course (you receive credits towards your degree)
  • Have something that makes you different! For example, a musical instrument (Yay for me :P)
    • Ohh yeah, I'm king at the triangle. 2/4 and 4/4 timing I have down pat, still working strong on the 6/8 time pattern … niiiiice :P Actually, this might be a great page for you
    • Yeah I'm in need of someone to help me tab out the triangle part in a song

Miscellaneous Information

  • People who work in-house or for the government do not have be admitted! The latter surprises me actually …
  • Government work advertise publicly so check the ads in the papers :v
  • Note: Government jobs are also required to use weird selection criteria as their primary recruitment method, so things like GPA or interests are generally less relevant to getting a job than writing good selection criteria - this may work out well for some of you