Compulsory Tasks.


Ode to Hinchy

By Anonymous.

Rule 1 of wiki stalking comment investigating: Never ever tell people how to stalk comments.
Rule 2: NEVER EVER tell people how to stalk comments.
Rule 3: If someone says STOP, stop investigating.

If you don't want people to know, why don't you just delete my explanation? This is going to surprise you muchly but … PEOPLE CAN READ CROSSED-OUT WORDS! *GASP! OH NO! NO WAY! Yes way. NO WAY! LIES LIBEL AND SLANDER [Well, we don't use those terms, but let's consider defamation… Is it really? Sure, the reference and publication can be clearly established. Is anyone's reputation really being defamed? I suppose you could argue that Manda is falsely adding the characteristic of a liar to Manda, but it's more of a denial that people can read crossed-out words … Oh, and we also have to consider whether Manda can sue Manda for defamation …] STOP LYYYYYING! No. Because I'm not lying.

^ Manda going even more insane because of a CERTAIN STUPID PSYCH ASSIGNMENT THAT SHOULD JUST DIE IN A HOLE.

P.S. When did you say stop??? And I don't think I can comply with Rule 3 since it's funnnnn.

P.P.S. I fully expect you to perform this for me. That is all.

Hinchy was seventeen
Working on a desk
When Ivor
Peered above a spectacle
forgot that he had wrecked a girl
Sometimes these eyes
Forget the face they're peering from
When the face they peer upon
Well, you know
That face as I do
And how in the return of the gaze
She can return you the face
That you are staring from

Accompanying Guitar Tab - Tom Cameron can help us out with it? Thanks mate.

Riff 1:

Riff 2:


Although I did have a low-medium range chuckle to myself while reading those tasks

Are you sure Remmy? No burning desire to write an ode? C'monnnnn!

And yay! People checked the wiki! Yes. You're people.

People? We're law students, we don't count. <— (This person is awesome) Jeremy. Meet Anneke. Anneke. Say hi.


Potential Titles for the JA Impersonation Article (feel free to add)

  • 100 Reasons Why Canada Is Better Than Australia: An Introductory Text
  • Australia has the perfect constitution
    • I'm exaggerating, but only a little.