Mid-Sem Break, Semester 2, 2010
  • Read the entire case of Perre v Apand (1999) 198 CLR 180. Not just McHugh J's judgment. All. 142 pages;
    • Then critique it either from a marxist or feminist perspective. Okay, FINE! You may also take a postmodern perspective;
  • Write a poem about Donoghue v Stevenson [1931] UKHL 3. You may either focus on the facts of the case or come up with a more creative focus;
  • Write an ode to Torts (performing it to me is optional. but DEFINITELY recommended);
  • Write an ode to Hinchy (plagiarising the Law Revue song will not be tolerated. And same deal for the performing.);
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the development of negligence through the medium of interpretive dance;
  • Find amazing DUCK-related stuff for Manda! Then post it on her Facebook wall! Wheeeeeee!!!;
  • For those of you who watch Fringe - here's a law-related challenge for you. You can either:
    • (1) Create a fake arrest warrant for Dr. Walter Bishop for violating the laws of physics; or
    • (2) Write a High Court Judgment where Walternate is suing the Observer for negligence and causing mental harm and the Other Side to go haywire by appearing. This can be a collaborative thing, or many individual judgments can suffice.
    • Of course, if you don't watch Fringe, this won't mean a thing to you.
  • Make "I heart Hinchy" shirts!!!; and
  • Teach. Manda. To. Roll. Her. Rs.
    • Seriously.

And because Manda is EXTREMELY optimistic, she has made a page for you to submit your work.