LAWS1115 Exam Preparation


These notes are lovingly provided by Team Kick Ass.


The Constitution

  • Pt V (especially s 51) and s 109
  • Pts II-IV especially ss 7 and 24.
  • Ch II

The Learning Guide

Page numbers Article citations
27-36? Jeffrey Goldsworthy, 'Legislative Sovereignty and the Rule of Law' in Tom Campbell et al (eds), Sceptical Essays on Human Rights (OUP, 2001).
54-8? Antonin Scalia, 'Romancing the Constitution: Interpretation as Invention' in Grant Huscroft & Ian Brodie (eds), Constitutionalism in the Charter Era (Butterworths, 2004).
87-93 Graeme Orr, 'Referenda and Direct Democracy' (extract) in The Law of Politics (Federation Press, 2010, forthcoming).
102-12 ACTV v Commonwealth (As extracted in Tony Blackshield and George Williams, Australian Constitutional Law and Theory (5th ed, Federation Press, 2010).
137-58 Allan Fenna, ‘Commonwealth Fiscal Power and Australian Federation’ (2008) 31 University of New South Wales Law Journal 309.
113-24 Peter Cane and Leighton McDonald, ch 9.4 ‘Parliaments’ in Principles of Administrative Law: Legal Regulation of Governance (OUP, 2008).
125-33 Malcolm Aldons, ‘Responsible, Representative and Accountable Government’ (2001) 60 Australian Journal of Public Administration 34.
134-6 Harry Evans, ‘Parliament and Extra-Parliamentary Accountability Institutions’ (1999) 58 Australian Journal of Public Administration 87.
158-74 Graeme Orr, ‘Government Advertising: Parliament and Political Equality’ (Senate Occasional Lecture, 11/11/2005).
175-80 Statement by the Special Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary, Changes to the Framework for Government Advertising (31 March 2010)
181-6 Australian Government, ‘Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Australian Government Departments and Agencies’ (March 2010).
187-97 The Hon James Spigelman, ‘The Integrity Branch of Government’ Australian Institute of Administrative Law, 2004 National Lecture Series.
198-201 Anita Stuhmcke and Anne Tran, ‘The Commonwealth Ombudsman: An Integrity Branch of Government’ (2007) 32 Alternative Law Journal 233.

David Malouf, ‘The States of the Nation’ The Monthly, August 2010, p 30. Course website -> ‘Learning Materials’

NB: The question mark beside the page numbers of certain readings indicates the fact that I'm not sure if they are relevant.

Clark's textbook

  • Chapter 3 ('Rule of Law')
  • Chapter 4 ('Separation of Powers')
  • Chapter 5 ('Legislative Powers')
  • Chapter 7 ('Electing the Legisltures') - Ignore paragraphs 7.66 to the end.
  • Chapter 9 ('Judicial Independence')
  • Chapter 11 ('The Ombudsman')


  • Attorney-General v Commonwealth; ex rel McKinlay (1975) 135 CLR 1. Read Stephens J’s judgment; contrast Murphy J in dissent.
  • Roach v Electoral Commissioner (2007) 239 ALR 1. Read Gleeson CJ’s judgment.

Recommended Readings