Exam Study Guide (Sem 2, 2010).

Exam Preparation.

LAWS1114: Law of Torts B

Time and Date: 5:45pm on 17 November 2010
Duration: 2 hours
Perusal: 10 minutes
Structure: 3 Compulsory questions, one worth 30 marks, two worth 20 marks
Non-Assessable Content:
Psychiatric Harm (The entirety of weeks 2 and 3)
Economics (NB: May be on economics exam) NB: We don't mean economic loss
Trade Practices Act, Part VIB
Criminal Defamation
Constitutional Defences to Defamation (Note: May be on Constitutional Law exam)
Survival of Actions

LAWS1114 Readings from Week 4 to 12.

If you wish to kill some trees here is a compilation of all the wiki notes + tut notes. (Wk 13 is my own notes though… they're kinda shitty)

Notes in progress (combined relevant lecture notes, B&D and some cases and has questions that I want answered in it) Torts Notes. I hoped that worked. First contribution :) Please note this is my own interpretation of the material. Feel free to correct me and add to it. EDIT: Someone deleted all of them. #wikifail. I've pasted them back in but lost anything anyone changed. To comment or make corrects or additions please use the chat in the top right.

LAWS1115: Principles of Public Law

Time and Date: 2:30pm on 13 November 2010
Duration: 90 minutes
Perusal: 10 minutes

  • 90 mins + 10 mins perusal
  • 3 questions
    • 1st – advocate a position
      • Don’t have to just argue one position
      • Advocate it but admit problems/counter balancing arguments
      • Counter counter balancing arguments
    • 2nd – mini hypothetical
      • Advise on the validity of this action
      • Has an alternative essay style question as well
    • 3rd – essay
      • Describe area of law/issue
      • Take a normative position
      • Make an evaluation

Non-Assessable Content:
Everything directly related to the Bill of Rights Debate. So 85-90% of what Professor Allan was going on about – Bill of Rights, Nature of Rights, Judicial Review on the basis of Rights, etc.

A list of relevant readings for PPL can be found here.

Public Law Practice Questions.

  • Another compilation of lecture and tute material is here.
  • Click here for a 5 page document which summarises the relevant readings.

LAWS1116: Constitutional Law

Time and Date: 8:00am on 06 November 2010
Duration: 2 hours
Perusal: 10 minutes
The Exam will consist of four questions. Question 1 is compulsory and will require a response of ‘true or false’ to each part of the question. Question 1 will be based on the topics of Express and Implied Rights and Freedoms (other than freedom of interstate trade, commerce and intercourse) and will carry a maximum of 20 marks. You are required to answer two of the three remaining questions (2, 3 and 4) each of which carries a maximum of 25 marks. Questions 2, 3 and 4 will each be focused primarily on one of the following topics.
1. Inter-governmental immunities (States and Commonwealth)
2. Resolution of inconsistency between Commonwealth and State laws
3. Corporations power
4. External affairs power
5. Taxation and grants power
6. Freedom of trade commerce and intercourse (s 92)
7. Constitutional amendment (States and Commonwealth)
Questions 2, 3 and 4 will consist of problem type exercises.
Students should bring a 2B pencil and eraser for the purpose of answering the multi-choice (true or false) question.

Exam Resources

Constitutional Case List (Note: Make sure to remove the headings before printing it)
Torts Overview - 1 page max per lecture
Torts Cases - more detailed case analysis
Basic PPL notes mini study group(12.10.11)

Study Aids

Constitutional Flash Cards
Constitutional Law: Condensed Summary
Public Law - Pros and Cons
2007 Torts Exam Answer - Question 2
2008 Torts Exam Answer - Question 3
2008 Torts Exam Answer - Question 4
Brief Summaries of LAWS1115 issues/cases

Useful Events.

Constitutional Exam Preparation - Overview
Law School Pre-Exam Skills Workshop