Exam Period, Semester 2 2010

Exam period

Exam Study Guide for our upcoming exams. If you're looking for something that someone says is on the wiki, chances are you'll find it by following the links.

Recent News.

Notes from the Exam Skills Workshop can be found here, whilst the recording can be downloaded here.

Torts practice problems available here (These were used in Rachel's tutorials)

Here are some more Torts exams for you to om nom nom(budsman) through! (NB. not all questions may be relevant to Torts B as it is not tort (yes, it was intended) at UQ)
University of London Exam A 2010
University of London Exam A 2010 Marking Report
University of London Exam B 2010
University of London Exam B 2010 Marking Report

UQ is trialling a new method of releasing exam results, this time via SMS and email. If you wish to be a part of this, please ensure your current mobile number and email are correct in the my-SInet service database. The mobile entry field can be found at: Personal > Telephone Numbers.

This service will release results 6 hours earlier than the page update on my-SInet… so if you are *really* keen on your results, make sure all your details are correct!